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Efficient Processing of XML Twig Pattern: A Novel One-Phase Holistic Solution
Modern twig query evaluation algorithms usually first generate individual path matches and then stitch them together (through a "merge" operation) to form twig matches. In this paper, we propose aExpand
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A sampling approach for XML query selectivity estimation
As the Extensible Markup Language (XML) rapidly establishes itself as the de facto standard for presenting, storing, and exchanging data on the Internet, large volume of XML data and their supportingExpand
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A query sampling method for estimating local cost parameters in a multidatabase system
  • Q. Zhu, P. Larson
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of IEEE 10th International…
  • 14 February 1994
In a multidatabase system (MDBS), some query optimization information related to local database systems may not be available at the global level because of local autonomy. To perform global queryExpand
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The ND-Tree: A Dynamic Indexing Technique for Multidimensional Non-ordered Discrete Data Spaces
Similarity searches in multidimensional Nonordered Discrete Data Spaces (NDDS) are becoming increasingly important for application areas such as genome sequence databases. Existing indexing methodsExpand
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A sampling approach for skyline query cardinality estimation
A skyline query returns a set of candidate records that satisfy several preferences. It is an operation commonly performed to aid decision making. Since executing a skyline query is expensive and aExpand
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Optimizing complex queries based on similarities of subqueries
As database technology is applied to more and more application domains, user queries are becoming increasingly complex (e.g. involving a large number of joins and a complex query structure). QueryExpand
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Dynamic indexing for multidimensional non-ordered discrete data spaces using a data-partitioning approach
Similarity searches in multidimensional Non-ordered Discrete Data Spaces (NDDS) are becoming increasingly important for application areas such as bioinformatics, biometrics, data mining andExpand
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Multi-Granularity Locality-Sensitive Bloom Filter
In many applications, such as homeland security, image processing, social network, and bioinformatics, it is often required to support an approximate membership query (AMQ) to answer a question likeExpand
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Modeling the capacity of a novel flow-energy harvester
Abstract The performance of a new type of flow energy harvester based on oscillating foils is investigated through numerical modeling by using two methods, a 2D thin-plate model and a 3D nonlinearExpand
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Global adaptive neural control for strict-feedback time-delay systems with predefined output accuracy
This paper focuses on the stabilization problem for a class of nonlinear strict-feedback systems with disturbances and time delay. By constructing some nonnegative functionals, a multiswitching-basedExpand
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