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Large-scale impact of CO2 storage in deep saline aquifers: A sensitivity study on pressure response in stratified systems
Abstract Large volumes of CO2 captured from carbon emitters (such as coal-fired power plants) may be stored in deep saline aquifers as a means of mitigating climate change. Storing these additionalExpand
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A method for quick assessment of CO2 storage capacity in closed and semi-closed saline formations
Saline aquifers of high permeability bounded by overlying/underlying seals may be sur- rounded laterally by low-permeability zones, possibly caused by natural heterogeneity and/ or faulting. CarbonExpand
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Modeling basin- and plume-scale processes of CO2 storage for full-scale deployment.
Integrated modeling of basin- and plume-scale processes induced by full-scale deployment of CO(2) storage was applied to the Mt. Simon Aquifer in the Illinois Basin. A three-dimensional mesh wasExpand
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Basin-scale hydrogeologic impacts of CO2 storage: Capacity and regulatory implications
Industrial-scale injection of CO2 into saline formations in sedimentary basins will cause large-scale fluid pressurization and migration of native brines, which may affect valuable groundwaterExpand
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Field-scale effective matrix diffusion coefficient for fractured rock: results from literature survey.
Matrix diffusion is an important mechanism for solute transport in fractured rock. We recently conducted a literature survey on the effective matrix diffusion coefficient, D(m)(e), a key parameterExpand
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Saltwater Upconing and Decay Beneath a Well Pumping Above an Interface Zone
Saltwater, or brine, underlies freshwater in many aquifers, with a transition zone separating them. Pumping freshwater by a well located above the transition zone produces upconing of the latter,Expand
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Analytical solutions for pressure perturbation and fluid leakage through aquitards and wells in multilayered aquifer systems
[1] Large-scale groundwater pumping or deep fluid injection in a multilayered subsurface system may generate pressure perturbation not only in the target formation(s), but also in over- andExpand
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Making sense of global sensitivity analyses
We re-interpret the variance-based sensitivity indices from the Sobol'/Saltelli method as difference-based measures that quantify the relative contribution of each parameter to the uncertainty in outputs. Expand
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Pressure buildup and brine migration during CO2 storage in multilayered aquifers.
Carbon dioxide injection into deep saline formations may induce large-scale pressure increases and migration of native fluid. Local high-conductivity features, such as improperly abandoned wells orExpand
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Dynamic displacement and non-equilibrium dissolution of supercritical CO2 in low-permeability sandstone: An experimental study
Abstract An experimental setup was developed for conducting core-flood experiments of supercritical CO2 and water under pressures higher than 8.00 MPa and a temperature of 40 °C. Two representativeExpand
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