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Economic transition and new patterns of parent‐adult child coresidence in Urban China
This study uses national data from the 1996 Life History and Social Change in Contemporary China survey (N = 3087) to gauge the effect of the economic transition on parent-adult child coresidence inExpand
The Political Economy of Contract Farming in China’s Agrarian Transition
How does rural China's political economy determine the motivations and constraints that drive small farmers and agribusiness companies into contract farming and shape its practice and impact? ThisExpand
The Transformation of Urban Vegetable Retail in China: Wet Markets, Supermarkets and Informal Markets in Shanghai
The state-monopolised system of vegetable retail in socialist urban China has been transformed into a market-based system run by profit-driven actors. Publicly-owned wet markets not only declined inExpand
Development of Land Rental Markets in Rural Zhejiang: Growth of Off-farm Jobs and Institution Building
We employ survey data collected in 2001 in Zhejiang province to investigate patterns and determinants of land market development. Previous studies have noted the correlation between growth ofExpand
Class Differentiation in Rural China: Dynamics of Accumulation, Commodification and State Intervention
This paper develops a classification of the emerging agrarian class positions in China today. Using an instrument based on rural households' combination of market positions in four markets – land,Expand
The Rise of Agrarian Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics: Agricultural Modernization, Agribusiness and Collective Land Rights
In what forms are agribusinesses entering agriculture and interacting with farmers? How are land, labor and capital now controlled by corporate and individual actors, and then organized intoExpand
China's Agrarian Reform and the Privatization of Land: a contrarian view
Many reporters and scholars outside China advocate the privatization of land ownership in China as a necessary step for the transformation of China's agriculture system into a modern, large-scale,Expand
Women’s Entry into Self-employment in Urban China: The Role of Family in Creating Gendered Mobility Patterns
How did family characteristics affect women and men differently in self-employment participation in urban China? Analyses of national data show dual marriage penalties for women. Marketization madeExpand
Political dynamics in land commodification: Commodifying rural land development rights in Chengdu, China
Abstract Commodification of land is at the forefront of the re-casting of rural China by the spread of capitalism. This study examines a market-based program of land development rights trading inExpand
Bringing Agriculture Back In: The Central Place of Agrarian Change in Rural China Studies
Since the mid-2000s, rural development and politics in China has entered a new phase that revolves around what the central government calls ‘agricultural modernization’. Transforming theExpand