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A new clustering algorithm with multiple runs of iterative procedures
  • Q. Zhang, R. Boyle
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Pattern Recognit.
  • 1 September 1991
We introduce here an alternative strategy to form the starting position for such a multiple run which consists of perturbing an existing result in an attempt to improve its poor aspects. Expand
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An improved architecture based on typical ART-2 neural network
We proposed an improved architecture based on typical ART-2 network which can be used to classify continuous active data, especially the time series data. Expand
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A clustering algorithm for data-sets with a large number of classes
This paper introduces a new clustering algorithm which can jump out of a local minimum for a clustering problem with a large number of classes. Expand
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Uncertainty Reduction via Heuristic Search Planning on Hybrid Metric/Topological Map
This paper presents an extension of our previous work on hybrid metric/topological maps to enable uncertainty reduction planning through the map, taking into account both map uncertainty and distance. Expand
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Ear-based exploration on hybrid metric/topological maps
In this paper we propose a hierarchy of techniques for performing loop closure in indoor environments together with an exploration strategy designed to reduce uncertainty in the resulting map. Expand
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Spectral Polarization Spreading Behaviors in Stimulated Brillouin Scattering of Fibers
A vector theoretical model involving the polarization spectrum behavior of the stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS) is proposed. It reveals a phenomenon of spectral polarization spreading, i.e., theExpand
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A Ranking Method Based on Extended Possibility Degree Dominance Relation
Dominance relation is an important method in incomplete interval-valued information systems. In order to solve the problem that too many attributes maybe result in the ranking failure in theExpand
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Enhancing Integrated Energy Distribution System Resilience through a Hierarchical Management Strategy in District Multi-Energy Systems
The requirement for energy sustainability drives the development of integrated energy distribution systems (IEDSs). In this paper, considering the coordination of district multi-energy systemsExpand
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A New Parameter Reduction Method Based on Soft Set Theory
In order to solve the problems of large calculation and low efficiency of parameter reduction, a new parameter reduction method based on soft set theory is proposed. According to the importanceExpand
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