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Genome-wide haplotypic testing in a Finnish cohort identifies a novel association with low-density lipoprotein cholesterol
Haplotype clusters in the chromosome 4q13.3-q21.1 region containing the albumin (ALB) and platelet factor 4 (PF4) genes were associated with LDL, illustrating the power of haplotypic association testing. Expand
Genome-wide association study of heart rate and its variability in Hispanic/Latino cohorts.
This first genome-wide association study of HRV and HR in Hispanics/Latinos underscores the potential for even modestly sized samples of non-European ancestry to inform the genetic epidemiology of complex traits. Expand
ASAFE: ancestry-specific allele frequency estimation
An EM algorithm is derived to estimate ancestry-specific allele frequencies for a bi-allelic marker given genotypes and local ancestries on a 3-way admixed population, when the phase of each admixed individual's genotype relative to the pair ofLocal ancestries is unknown. Expand
Modeling user exposure with recommendation influence
It is demonstrated that considering recommendation influence improves purchase prediction through experiments using public datasets with recommendation logs, and considering the influence of recommendations on exposure is extended. Expand