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Mitigation of flow induced vibration of head gimbal assembly
The airflow of a 10,000 rpm hard disk drive is simulated using the LES turbulent model. The critical parameters for using LES model to get the correct/reliable result are discussed. The flow inducedExpand
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Comparison of Superior‐Level Facet Joint Violations Between Robot‐Assisted Percutaneous Pedicle Screw Placement and Conventional Open Fluoroscopic‐Guided Pedicle Screw Placement
To compare the superior‐level facet joint violations (FJV) between robot‐assisted (RA) percutaneous pedicle screw placement and conventional open fluoroscopic‐guided (FG) pedicle screw placement in aExpand
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Study on The Pyrolysis of Seven Monosaccharides
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Colouring isoparametric contours
A procedure presented for displaying variables in colour on an isoparametric surface. It utilizes isoparametric interpolation functions to produce continuous colour variations on the surface. It canExpand
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Applications of carbon nanotubes to electrochemical DNA sensors: a new strategy to make direct and selective hybridization detection from SWNTs
In this paper, we first review different strategies reported in the literature to elaborate electrochemical DNA sensors based on carbon nanotubes. Then we report a new strategy to graft both redoxExpand
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Pressure Fluctuations and Flow-Induced Vibration Measurements in a Hard Disk Drive under Different Rotation Speeds
Flow-induced vibration (FIV) of a head gimbals assembly (HGA) in hard disk drives (HDDs) limits the positioning accuracy of magnetic head in the HGA for higher HDD magnetic recording density. TheExpand
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Estimating Time-averaged Turbulent FluidForces From An Ensemble-averaged FlowField For Engineering Applications
Solid structures are subjected to mechanical forces imposed upon them by a moving fluid. If the flow is turbulent, the mechanical forces would fluctuate randomly with time. For engineeringExpand
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[Synthesis of oxazolidines from ephedrines as potential prodrugs].
Twenty three (-)- or (+)-2-(substituted phenyl)-3,4-dimethyl-5-phenyl- oxazolidines and five Schiff base derivatives of ephedrine were synthesized by cyclization or condensation with aromaticExpand
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An electroactive conjugated oligomer for a direct electrochemical DNA sensor
Abstract We report here an original strategy to graft both electroactive conjugated oligomers and DNA probes on an electrode to make a label-free and reagentless DNA sensor. Oligomers ofExpand
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[Efficacy and safety of compound betamethasone cocktail therapy in primary unilateral unicompartmental knee arthroplasty].
Objective: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of an intraoperative betamethasone periarticular injection in patients undergoing primary unicompartmental knee arthroplasty (UKA). Methods: SeventyExpand
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