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A Compound TCP Approach for High-Speed and Long Distance Networks
Many applications require fast data transfer over high speed and long distance networks. However, standard TCP fails to fully utilize the network capacity due to the limitation in its conservativeExpand
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HC-MAC: A Hardware-Constrained Cognitive MAC for Efficient Spectrum Management
Radio spectrum resource is of fundamental importance for wireless communication. Recent reports show that most available spectrum has been allocated. While some of the spectrum bands (e.g.,Expand
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Mancs: A Multi-task Attentional Network with Curriculum Sampling for Person Re-Identification
We propose a novel deep network called Mancs that solves the person re-identification problem from the following aspects: fully utilizing the attention mechanism for the person misalignment problemExpand
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Mining Spectrum Usage Data: A Large-Scale Spectrum Measurement Study
Dynamic spectrum access has been a subject of extensive study in recent years. The increasing volume of literatures calls for a deeper understanding of the characteristics of current spectrumExpand
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Modelling and performance analysis of the distributed scheduler in IEEE 802.16 mesh mode
To meet the needs of wireless broadband access, the IEEE 802.16 protocol for wireless metropolitan networks (WirelessMAN) has been recently standardized. The medium access control (MAC) layer of theExpand
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TRAC: Truthful auction for location-aware collaborative sensing in mobile crowdsourcing
In this paper, we tackle the problem of stimulating smartphone users to join mobile crowdsourcing applications with smartphones. Different from existing work of mechanism design, we uniquely takeExpand
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A seamless and proactive end-to-end mobility solution for roaming across heterogeneous wireless networks
Roaming across heterogeneous wireless networks such as wireless wide area network (WWAN) and wireless local area network (WLAN) poses considerable challenges, as it is usually difficult to maintainExpand
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Spectrum Trading in Cognitive Radio Networks: A Contract-Theoretic Modeling Approach
Cognitive radio is a promising paradigm to achieve efficient utilization of spectrum resource by allowing the unlicensed users (i.e., secondary users, SUs) to access the licensed spectrum.Expand
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Revenue generation for truthful spectrum auction in dynamic spectrum access
Spectrum is a critical yet scarce resource and it has been shown that dynamic spectrum access can significantly improve spectrum utilization. To achieve this, it is important to incentivize theExpand
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Wearables Can Afford: Light-weight Indoor Positioning with Visible Light
Visible Light Positioning (VLP) provides a promising means to achieve indoor localization with sub-meter accuracy. We observe that the Visible Light Communication (VLC) methods in existing VLPExpand
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