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Asian emissions in 2006 for the NASA INTEX-B mission
Abstract. A new inventory of air pollutant emissions in Asia in the year 2006 is developed to support the Intercontinental Chemical Transport Experiment-Phase B (INTEX-B) funded by the NationalExpand
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The 2013 severe haze over southern Hebei, China: model evaluation, source apportionment, and policy implications
Abstract. Extremely severe and persistent haze occurred in January 2013 over eastern and northern China. The record-breaking high concentrations of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) of more than 700 μgExpand
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Trends in China's anthropogenic emissions since 2010 as the consequence of clean air actions
Abstract. To tackle the problem of severe air pollution, China has implemented active clean air policies in recent years. As a consequence, the emissions of major air pollutants have decreased andExpand
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Primary anthropogenic aerosol emission trends for China, 1990–2005
An inventory of anthropogenic primary aerosol emissions in China was developed for 1990–2005 using a technology-based approach. Taking into account changes in the technology penetration withinExpand
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Sulfur dioxide emissions in China and sulfur trends in East Asia since 2000
Abstract. With the rapid development of the economy, the sulfur dioxide (SO2) emission from China since 2000 is of increasing concern. In this study, we estimate the annual SO2 emission in ChinaExpand
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Anthropogenic emission inventories in China: a review
The development of reliable anthropogenic emission inventories is essential for both understanding the sources of air pollution and designing effective air-pollution-control measures in China.Expand
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Heterogeneous chemistry: a mechanism missing in current models to explain secondary inorganic aerosol formation during the January 2013 haze episode in North China
Abstract. Severe regional haze pollution events occurred in eastern and central China in January 2013, which had adverse effects on the environment and public health. Extremely high levels ofExpand
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The socioeconomic drivers of China's primary PM 2:5 emissions
Primary PM2:5 emissions contributed significantly to poor air quality in China. We present an interdisciplinary study to measure the magnitudes of socioeconomic factors in driving primary PM2:5Expand
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An inventory of primary air pollutants and CO2 emissions from cement production in China, 1990–2020
Abstract Direct emissions of air pollutants from the cement industry in China were estimated by developing a technology-based methodology using information on the proportion of cement produced fromExpand
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On-board measurements of emissions from diesel trucks in five cities in China
Abstract This paper, which focuses on diesel trucks, is the third in a series of three papers published in Atmospheric Environment to understand vehicle emissions in China by conducting on-boardExpand
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