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Constituents of red yeast rice, a traditional Chinese food and medicine.
  • J. Ma, Y. Li, M. Chang
  • Biology, Medicine
    Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
  • 13 October 2000
Detailed analyses were undertaken of the natural constituents of red yeast rice, a traditional Chinese medicine and food known for centuries to improve blood circulation, which indicated the presence of a group of metabolites belonging to the monacolin family of polyketides, together with fatty acids, and trace elements.
Recent advances in Annonaceous acetogenins.
Hough most acetogenins have high potencies among several solid human tumour cells lines, some of the derivatives within the different structural types and some positional isomers show remarkable selectivities among certain cell lines, e.g. against prostate cancer (PC-3).
Longicin and goniothalamicinone: novel bioactive monotetrahydrofuran acetogenins from Asimina longifolia.
Two new monotetrahydrofuran Annonaceous acetogenins have been isolated from the leaves and twigs of Asimina longifolia by the use of the brine shrimp lethality test for bioactivity-directed fractionation.
Wallifoliol, a taxol congener with a novel carbon skeleton, from Himalayan Taxus wallichiana.
A new taxoid, wallifoliol, has been isolated, along with five known taxoids, from extracts of the needles of Himalayan Taxus wallichiana, assigning a structure in which rings A and B of the taxane system have undergone putative rearrangements producing a novel skeleton.