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One Generalized Critical Point Theorem and its Applications on Super-quadratic Hamiltonian Systems
In this paper, we prove a generalized critical point theorem under the condition (C), which is weaker than the (PS) condition. As its applications, we obtain the existence of the solutions for the
Morse Index and Stability of the Planar N-vortex Problem
This paper concerns the investigation of the stability properties of relative equilibria which are rigidly rotating vortex configurations sometimes called vortex crystals, in the N-vortex problem.
Morse index theorem for heteroclinic orbits of Lagrangian systems
The classical Morse Index Theorem plays a central role in Lagrangian dynamics and differential geometry. Although many generalization of this result are well-known, in the case of orbits of
Index theory for traveling waves in reaction diffusion systems with skew gradient structure
A unified geometric approach for the stability analysis of traveling pulse solutions for reaction-diffusion equations with skew-gradient structure has been established in a previous paper [9], but