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Isolation, identification of sludge-lysing strain and its utilization in thermophilic aerobic digestion for waste activated sludge.
A strain of sludge-lysing bacteria was isolated from waste activated sludge (WAS) in this study. The result of 16S rRNA gene analysis demonstrated that it was a species of new genus BrevibacillusExpand
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Co-effect of heat and direct current on growth of intermetallic layers at the interface of Ti-Ni diffusion couples
Abstract The growth of the intermetallic layers at the interface of Ti–Ni diffusion couples was investigated under the co-effect of heat and direct current. Isothermal diffusion treatments for Ti–NiExpand
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Research on a flash imaging lidar based on a multiple-streak tube
A flash imaging lidar based on a multiple-streak tube is presented in this paper; a fiber remapping optics maps light from an area in the focal plane of an imaging lens to multiple rows of fibers onExpand
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Enhancement of l-lactic acid production via synergism in open co-fermentation of Sophora flavescens residues and food waste.
In this study, Sophora flavescens residues (SFR) were used for l-lactic acid production and were mixed with food waste (FW) to assess the effects of different compositions of SFR and FW. PositiveExpand
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Study on dry sliding friction and wear properties of Ti2AlN/TiAl composite
Abstract The dry sliding friction and wear behavior of Ti 2 AlN/TiAl composite (TTC) at room temperature were investigated through the determination of coefficient of friction (COF) and wear loss inExpand
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Analysis of detectable range of multiple-slit streak tube imaging lidar
Multiple-slit streak tube imaging lidar is a promising flash imaging system. Its detectable range, affected by the detection of the unit sensitivity, operating mode, and visibility, are criticalExpand
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Effects of TIG Welding Parameters on Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Welded Joint of Ni-base Superalloy
Abstract The influences of parameters of tungsten inert gas arc welding on the morphology, microstructure, tensile property and fracture of welded joints of Ni-base superalloy have been studied.Expand
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Characteristics of a Ne-like Ar 46.9-nm soft X-ray laser in capillary discharge at a low Ar pressure
A capillary discharge-pumped Ne-like Ar 46.9-nm soft X-ray laser at a low Ar pressure (28–46 Pa) is proven. To our knowledge, this is the first time an XRD laser output in the condition of the lowExpand
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Effect of crude glycerol impurities on lipid preparation by Rhodosporidium toruloides yeast 32489.
Crude glycerol (byproduct of biodiesel preparation) was utilised as the carbon source to produce lipid using oleaginous yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides 32489. Under the same conditions, lipidExpand
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Volatile fatty acids production from saccharification residue from food waste ethanol fermentation: Effect of pH and microbial community.
In this study, residue from saccharification and centrifugation of food waste ethanol fermentation was used as substrate to produce volatile fatty acids. The effects of different pH (5.5, 6.5, andExpand
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