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Recent progress in nanofluids based on transformer oil: preparation and electrical insulation properties
Given the adoption of ultrahigh-voltage ac and dc power transmission, it is desirable to develop a new kind of oil-paper insulation system, with higher dielectric strength and smaller volume comparedExpand
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Compensated Semimetal LaSb with Unsaturated Magnetoresistance.
By combining angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy and quantum oscillation measurements, we performed a comprehensive investigation on the electronic structure of LaSb, which exhibitsExpand
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The Realization of Wavelet Threshold Noise Filtering Algorithm in DSP
  • Y. Tie, Q. Wang
  • Mathematics
  • International Conference on Measuring Technology…
  • 13 March 2010
Combining the characteristics of non-stationary signals, this research is done about the noise filtering algorithm of the wavelet threshold. According to the theory of the useful signal and noiseExpand
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Adakites related to subduction in the northern margin of Junggar arc for the Late Paleozoic: Products of slab melting
Volcanic rocks with adakitic compositional signature have been recognized in the northern margin of ancient Junggar island arc for the Late Paleozoic. These adakites for the early Devonian from theExpand
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A simple carbazole/oxadiazole hybrid molecule: an excellent bipolar host for green and red phosphorescent OLEDs.
  • Y. Tao, Q. Wang, +5 authors D. Ma
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Angewandte Chemie
  • 6 October 2008
Phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes (PHOLEDs) continue to attract intense interest because they can, in theory, approach a 100% internal quantum efficiency by utilizing both singlet andExpand
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High-index faceted platinum nanocrystals supported on carbon black as highly efficient catalysts for ethanol electrooxidation.
NSFC [20873113, 20833005, 20933004]; MOST [2007DFA40890]; Research Fund [200803841035]; Fujian Provincial Department of Science and Technology [2008F3099, 200810025]
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Sandwiched ZnO@Au@Cu2O nanorod films as efficient visible-light-driven plasmonic photocatalysts.
The design of efficient visible-light-driven photocatalysts has become a hot topic due to their potential applications in energy and environmental industries. In this work, sandwiched ZnO@Au@Cu2OExpand
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Characteristics and mechanisms of surface charge accumulation on a cone-type insulator under dc voltage
In order to study the phenomenon of surface charge accumulation on cone-type insulators, a surface charge measuring system is established, based on the electrostatic probe method. The surfaceExpand
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Single nucleotide polymorphisms near the inhibin beta B gene on 2q14 are associated with pre-eclampsia in Han Chinese women.
  • Q. Wang, G. Wang, +9 authors X. Ma
  • Medicine
  • European journal of obstetrics, gynecology, and…
  • 1 October 2015
CONTEXT AND OBJECTIVE Pre-eclampsia (PE) is the most common medical complication of pregnancy encountered worldwide. A previous genome-wide association study showed that three single nucleotideExpand
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