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An investigation on the feasibility of cross-project defect prediction
This paper investigates defect predictions in the cross-project context focusing on the selection of training data. Expand
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DREX: Developer Recommendation with K-Nearest-Neighbor Search and Expertise Ranking
This paper proposes a new approach called DREX (Developer Recommendation with k-nearest-neighbor search and Expertise ranking) to developer recommendation for bug resolution based on K-Nearest-Neighbor search with bug similarity and expertise ranking based on simple frequency and social network metrics. Expand
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Text clustering using frequent itemsets
Frequent itemset originates from association rule mining. Recently, it has been applied in text mining such as document categorization, clustering, etc. In this paper, we conduct a study on textExpand
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DRETOM: developer recommendation based on topic models for bug resolution
This paper proposes a new approach, called DRETOM (Developer REcommendation based on TOpic Models), to recommending developers for bug resolution in collaborative behavior. Expand
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Comparison of emerging ground propulsion systems for electrified aircraft taxi operations
Abstract Aviation is a mode with high fuel consumption per passenger mile and has significant environmental impacts. It is important to seek ways to reduce fuel consumption by the aviation sector,Expand
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Study on application of a quantitative evaluation approach for software architecture adaptability
  • X. Liu, Q. Wang
  • Computer Science
  • Fifth International Conference on Quality…
  • 19 September 2005
This paper first gives a definition of architecture adaptability, and then presents a metric and a quantitative evaluation approach to evaluate the architecture adaptabilities based on adaptability scenario profile and impact analysis. Expand
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Phase distribution of software development effort
Effort distribution by phase or activity is an important but often overlooked aspect compared to other steps in the cost estimation process. Expand
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Local-based active classification of test report to assist crowdsourced testing
In crowdsourced testing, an important task is to identify the test reports that actually reveal fault - true fault, from the large number of test reports submitted by crowd workers. Expand
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Process Trustworthiness as a Capability Indicator for Measuring and Improving Software Trustworthiness
We propose a new concept of Process Trustworthiness, as a capability indicator to measure the relative degree of confidence for certain software processes to deliver trustworthy software; and a toolkit for process runtime support in measuring and improving process trustworthiness in order to assess and assure software trustworthiness. Expand
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Analysis of the Key Factors for Software Quality in Crowdsourcing Development: An Empirical Study on TopCoder.com
Crowdsourcing is a distributed problem-solving and production model. It takes advantage of the internet technology, helps enterprises save cost and improve efficiency. However, uncertain quality is aExpand
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