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Three-Dimensional Finite Element Modeling of Human Ear for Sound Transmission
An accurate, comprehensive finite element model of the human ear can provide better understanding of sound transmission, and can be used for assessing the influence of diseases on hearing and theExpand
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Computer-integrated finite element modeling of human middle ear
Abstract The objective of this study was to produce an improved finite element (FE) model of the human middle ear and to compare the model with human data. We began with a systematic and accurateExpand
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Acoustic-structural coupled finite element analysis for sound transmission in human ear--pressure distributions.
A three-dimensional (3D) finite element (FE) model of human ear with accurate structural geometry of the external ear canal, tympanic membrane (TM), ossicles, middle ear suspensory ligaments, andExpand
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Three-dimensional Modeling of Middle Ear Biomechanics and Its Applications
Hypothesis This study investigated whether combined technologies of finite element (FE) analysis and three-dimensional reconstruction of human temporal bones could be used to construct aExpand
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An advanced computer-aided geometric modeling and fabrication method for human middle ear.
This paper presents a practical and systematic method for reconstructing accurate computer and physical models of the entire human middle ear. The proposed method starts with the histological sectionExpand
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Noninvasive Determination of Ligament Strain with Deformable Image Registration
Ligament function and propensity for injury are directly related to regional stresses and strains. However, noninvasive techniques for measurement of strain are currently limited. This studyExpand
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Finite element modeling of human ear with external ear canal and middle ear cavity
  • R. Gan, Q. Sun
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the Second Joint 24th Annual…
  • 23 October 2002
Two technologies, 3-D reconstruction of human temporal bones and finite element analysis of ear biomechanics, were combined to construct a computational model for describing function of the ear forExpand
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Finite element modeling of human buttock-thigh tissue in a seated posture
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The Application of Association Rules in Boiler Operation Optimization based on Organizational Evolutionary
Complicated on linear relationships exist among many data in the real-time control-process of large power plant. And data-mining technology could And knowledge, analyze parameters and adjust them.Expand
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Abnormal Detection of Wind Turbine Operating Conditions Based on State Curves
AbstractWind energy is a clean and renewable energy source and thus has promising future prospects. To increase the utilization rate and power generation of wind turbines and reduce their maintenan...
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