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A low-noise differential microphone inspired by the ears of the parasitoid fly Ormia ochracea.
  • R. Miles, Q. Su, +6 authors N. Hall
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 8 April 2009
A miniature differential microphone is described having a low-noise floor. The sensitivity of a differential microphone suffers as the distance between the two pressure sensing locations decreases,Expand
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Characterization for the performance of capacitive switches activated by mechanical shock.
This paper presents experimental and theoretical investigation of a new concept of switches (triggers) that are actuated at or beyond a specific level of mechanical shock or acceleration. TheExpand
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A MEMS Low-Noise Sound Pressure Gradient Microphone With Capacitive Sensing
A silicon microelectromechanical systems microphone is described that detects sound pressure gradients. The diaphragm consists of a stiffened plate that rotates around a central axis in response toExpand
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Response of a biologically inspired MEMS differential microphone diaphragm
The development of a novel, biologically inspired acoustic sensor is presented. The primary goal of this effort is to construct a miniature device that is capable of detecting the orientation of anExpand
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Motor and mechanical bases of the courtship call of the male treehopper Umbonia crassicornis
ABSTRACT This study is a physiological, anatomical and biophysical analysis of how plant-borne vibrational signals are produced by the treehopper Umbonia crassicornis. During courtship, males andExpand
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A biologically inspired silicon differential microphone with active Q control and optical sensing
A MEMS differential microphone is described in which the diaphragm design is inspired by the mechanics of directional hearing in the fly Ormia ochracea. The 1 mm by 3 mm diaphragm is designed toExpand
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Integrated Optical Displacement Detection and Electrostatic Actuation for Directional Optical Microphones With Micromachined Biomimetic Diaphragms
In this paper, integration and packaging of directional biomimetic microphones using a diffraction-based optical displacement detection method is described. The optical detection method senses theExpand
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Fabrication of biomimetic 3-D structured diaphragms
Abstract We report on a new approach to the fabrication of 3-D structured diaphragms using integrated surface and deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) bulk silicon micromachining on aExpand
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Beamforming with collocated microphone arrays
A collocated microphone array, including three gradient microphones with different orientations and one omnidirectional microphone, was used to acquire data in a sound‐treated room and in an outdoorExpand
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Vibrational Playback Experiments: Challenges and Solutions
High-fidelity vibrational playbacks through living plants and other substrates are not difficult and do not require any special equipment, but there are a number of common pitfalls. Expand
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