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Development of capabilities for imaging mass spectrometry under ambient conditions with desorption electrospray ionization (DESI)
Abstract Aspects of the development of mass spectrometry over the past three decades are briefly reviewed and growth points in the subject are identified. Molecular imaging by mass spectrometry isExpand
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Novel parallelized quadrupole/linear ion trap/Orbitrap tribrid mass spectrometer improving proteome coverage and peptide identification rates.
Proteome coverage and peptide identification rates have historically advanced in line with improvements to the detection limits and acquisition rate of the mass spectrometer. For a linear ionExpand
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Handheld rectilinear ion trap mass spectrometer.
A shoebox-sized, 10-kg, handheld mass spectrometer, Mini 10, based on a rectilinear ion trap mass analyzer has been designed, built, and characterized. This instrument has evolved from a decade-longExpand
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Rectilinear ion trap mass spectrometer with atmospheric pressure interface and electrospray ionization source.
A rectilinear ion trap (RIT) mass analyzer was incorporated into a mass spectrometer fitted with an electrospray ionization source and an atmospheric pressure interface. The RIT mass spectrometer,Expand
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Glow discharge electron impact ionization source for miniature mass spectrometers.
A glow discharge electron impact ionization (GDEI) source was developed for operation using air as the support gas. An alternative to the use of thermoemission from a resistively heated filamentExpand
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Ion trap mass analysis at high pressure: an experimental characterization.
In recent years, it has become increasingly interesting to understand the performance of mass spectrometers at pressures much higher than those employed with conventional operating conditions. ThisExpand
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Aquatic product consumption patterns and perceptions among the Chinese middle class
The Chinese market for aquatic products is the largest in the world, and growing rapidly. An increasingly large proportion of Chinese aquatic product consumption is coming from imported sources,Expand
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Effect of nut coke on the performance of the ironmaking blast furnace
  • Q. Song
  • Materials Science
  • 8 July 2013
The blast furnace consumes a large amount of high quality metallurgy coke (size 35-80 mm) in addition to ore in the form of pellets and sinter. This coke is the coarse fraction, derived from the cokeExpand
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Ion trap mass analysis at high pressure: A theoretical view
The mass-selective manipulation of ions at elevated pressure, including mass analysis, ion isolation, or excitation, is of great interest for the development of mass spectrometry instrumentation,Expand
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