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Experimental Study on Skin Temperature and Thermal Comfort of the Human Body in a Recumbent Posture under Uniform Thermal Environments
Experiments are conducted on human subjects to study the overall and the local thermal sensation and thermal comfort as well as the skin temperature distribution of the body in a recumbent postureExpand
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Experimental study on physiological responses and thermal comfort under various ambient temperatures
This study mainly explored the thermal comfort from the perspective of physiology. Three physiological parameters, including skin temperature (local and mean), electrocardiograph (ECG) andExpand
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Shunting Effect in Resistance Spot Welding Steels — Part 1 : Experimental Study Shunting in resistance spot welding is affected by the process variables involved and caution must be taken when
Shunting in resistance spot welding is difficult to avoid, as multiple welds are commonly designed in a specific area for strength and other considerations. This experimental study investigates theExpand
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Shunting Effect in Resistance Spot Welding Steels — Part 2 : Theoretical Analysis Minimum weld spacing can be quantitatively predicted based on the process parameters and welding schedules
Shunting is a phenomenon difficult to avoid in production welding, and it is of practical interest to quantitatively determine the minimum weld spacing. However, the large number of factors involvedExpand
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Effects of cone angle of truncated electrode on heat and mass transfer in resistance spot welding
Abstract Truncated electrodes with different cone angle are widely used in vehicle body assembly. However, the effect of the cone angle on welding process still keeps unclear. In this paper, aExpand
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Comparative study of oscillating flow characteristics of cryocooler regenerator at low temperatures
A brief review is presented on previous experimental results and correlations on the friction factor of cryocooler regenerators operating at oscillating flow and pulsating pressure conditions, forExpand
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Characterization of out-of-plane cone metal microneedles and the function of transdermal delivery
The key issue in the research of microneedles is how to fabricate microneedles with low cost and good quality. This paper presents a process for fabrication of cone out-of-plane Ni microneedles andExpand
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The fabrication and property of a novel coated out-of-plane microneedle arrays
The efficiency of transdermal drug delivery (TDD) is often undermined by stratum corneum of skin. In this paper, a novel design and fabricating process was developed to coat microneedles (MNs).Expand
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Impact of External Magnetic Field on Weld Quality of Resistance Spot Welding
Electromagnetic stirring (EMS) has been demonstrated to have significant effect on molten metal in terms of crystal orientation, grain refinement and macro appearance of solidified structures byExpand
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