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Divergent evolution of medusozoan symmetric patterns: Evidence from the microanatomy of Cambrian tetramerous cubozoans from South China
Abstract Living medusozoans and their Middle Cambrian ancestors are characterized fundamentally by four-fold symmetry. The symmetric pattern of their earlier antecedents during the Ediacaran–CambrianExpand
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A dynamic model for thermoelectric generator applied in waste heat recovery
Thermoelectric devices can provide clean energy conversion and are environmentally friendly. However, few studies have been conducted to understand the dynamic characteristics of (thermoelectricExpand
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The earliest pelagic jellyfish with rhopalia from Cambrian Chengjiang Lagerstätte
Abstract Modern cnidarian medusae generally show a triphasic life cycle with the succession of a larva, a sessile polyp and a pelagic medusa stage. The debate around the metagenesis of sessile polypsExpand
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A Rare Onychophoran-Like Lobopodian from the Lower Cambrian Chengjiang Lagerstätte, Southwestern China, and its Phylogenetic Implications
Abstract Lobopodians, which diversified and flourished in the Cambrian seas, have long drawn much attention in that not only their extant close relatives, onychophorans and tardigrades, butExpand
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Meiofaunal deuterostomes from the basal Cambrian of Shaanxi (China)
Deuterostomes include the group we belong to (vertebrates) as well as an array of disparate forms that include echinoderms, hemichordates and more problematic groups such as vetulicolians andExpand
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Silybin Alleviates Hepatic Steatosis and Fibrosis in NASH Mice by Inhibiting Oxidative Stress and Involvement with the Nf-κB Pathway
Background and AimSilybin is the major biologically active compound of silymarin, the standardized extract of the milk thistle (Silybum marianum). Increasing numbers of studies have shown thatExpand
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Anatomy and affinities of a new 535‐million‐year‐old medusozoan from the Kuanchuanpu Formation, South China
We describe here Sinaster petalon gen. et sp. nov., a new embryonic form from the c. 535 million-year-old Kuanchuanpu Formation of South China (Ningqiang, Shaanxi Province). The excellentExpand
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A flameless catalytic combustion-based thermoelectric generator for powering electronic instruments on gas pipelines
This paper presents a flameless catalytic combustion-based thermoelectric power generator that uses commercial thermoelectric modules. The structure of the thermoelectric generator (TEG) isExpand
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Semi-analytical solutions for vertically and laterally loaded piles in multilayered soil deposits
In geotechnical practice, it is of considerable importance to assess the behavior of vertical–lateral coupled loading piles in multilayered soil deposits. This study deals with a semi-analyticalExpand
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[Effects of water table manipulation on leaf photosynthesis, morphology and growth of Phragmites australis and Imperata cylindrica in the reclaimed tidal wetland at Dongtan of Chongming Island,
During the growing season of 2011, the leaf photosynthesis, morphological and growth traits of Phragmites australis and Imperata cylindrica were investigated along a gradient of water table (low,Expand
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