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Berry phase effects on electronic properties
Ever since its discovery, the Berry phase has permeated through all branches of physics. Over the last three decades, it was gradually realized that the Berry phase of the electronic wave functionExpand
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Valley-selective circular dichroism of monolayer molybdenum disulphide
A two-dimensional honeycomb lattice harbours a pair of inequivalent valleys in the k-space electronic structure, in the vicinities of the vertices of a hexagonal Brillouin zone, K±. It isExpand
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Wave-packet dynamics in slowly perturbed crystals: Gradient corrections and Berry-phase effects
We present a unified theory for wave-packet dynamics of electrons in crystals subject to perturbations varying slowly in space and time. We derive the wave-packet energy up to the first-orderExpand
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Valley-contrasting physics in graphene: magnetic moment and topological transport.
We investigate physical properties that can be used to distinguish the valley degree of freedom in systems where inversion symmetry is broken, using graphene systems as examples. We show that theExpand
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Universal intrinsic spin Hall effect.
We describe a new effect in semiconductor spintronics that leads to dissipationless spin currents in paramagnetic spin-orbit coupled systems. We argue that in a high-mobility two-dimensional electronExpand
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The Geometric Phase in Quantum Systems: Foundations, Mathematical Concepts, and Applications in Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics
1. Introduction.- 2. Quantal Phase Factors for Adiabatic Changes.- 3. Spinning Quantum System in an External Magnetic Field.- 4. Quantal Phases for General Cyclic Evolution.- 5. Fiber Bundles andExpand
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Crossover of the three-dimensional topological insulator Bi 2 Se 3 to the two-dimensional limit
The gapless surface states of topological insulators could enable quantitatively different types of electronic device. A study of the topological insulating Bi2Se3 thin films finds that a gap inExpand
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Quantised adiabatic charge transport in the presence of substrate disorder and many-body interaction
The result for the quantised charge transport induced by an adiabatically varying substrate potential is generalised to the case in which both substrate disorder and many-body interaction areExpand
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Superconductivity Modulated by Quantum Size Effects
We have fabricated ultrathin lead films on silicon substrates with atomic-scale control of the thickness over a macroscopic area. We observed oscillatory behavior of the superconducting transitionExpand
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Quantum anomalous Hall effect in graphene from Rashba and exchange effects
We investigate the possibility of realizing quantum anomalous Hall effect in graphene. We show that a bulk energy gap can be opened in the presence of both Rashba spin-orbit coupling and an exchangeExpand
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