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Nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC) coated with Chitosan Oligosaccharides and its potential use in ocular drug delivery system.
The objective of the present investigation was to explore the potential of the Chitosan Oligosaccharides (COS)-coated NLC (nanostructured lipid carrier) for ocular drug delivery. NLC loaded withExpand
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Novel surface-modified nanostructured lipid carriers with partially deacetylated water-soluble chitosan for efficient ocular delivery.
The objective of this study was to propose novel surface-modified nanostructured lipid carriers with partially deacetylated water-soluble chitosan (NLC-PDSC) as an efficient ocular delivery system toExpand
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Novel ophthalmic timolol meleate liposomal-hydrogel and its improved local glaucomatous therapeutic effect in vivo.
To overcome the limitations of common eye drops, the study developed a novel timolol mealate (TM) liposomal-hydrogel to enhance drug permeability and prolong residence time in the precorneal region,Expand
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Dual targeting of l-carnitine-conjugated nanoparticles to OCTN2 and ATB0,+ to deliver chemotherapeutic agents for colon cancer therapy
Abstract l-Carnitine, obligatory for oxidation of fatty acids, is transported into cells by the Na+-coupled transporter OCTN2 and the Na+/Cl–-coupled transporter ATB0,+. Here we investigated theExpand
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Transporter occluded-state conformation-induced endocytosis: Amino acid transporter ATB0,+-mediated tumor targeting of liposomes for docetaxel delivery for hepatocarcinoma therapy.
  • Q. Luo, Ping Gong, +5 authors J. Sun
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of controlled release : official journal…
  • 10 December 2016
Rapidly proliferating tumor cells upregulate specific amino acid transporters, which hold great potential for tumor-selective drug delivery. Published reports have focused primarily on blocking theseExpand
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ATB0,+ transporter-mediated targeting delivery to human lung cancer cells via aspartate-modified docetaxel-loading stealth liposomes.
Tumor cells have an increased demand for amino acids to support their rapid growth and malignant metastasis. Transfer of amino acids across plasma membranes depends on several amino acid transportersExpand
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Cotransporting Ion is a Trigger for Cellular Endocytosis of Transporter‐Targeting Nanoparticles: A Case Study of High‐Efficiency SLC22A5 (OCTN2)‐Mediated Carnitine‐Conjugated Nanoparticles for Oral
  • L. Kou, Q. Yao, +10 authors J. Sun
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Advanced healthcare materials
  • 29 June 2017
OCTN2 (SLC22A5) is a Na+ -coupled absorption transporter for l-carnitine in small intestine. This study tests the potential of this transporter for oral delivery of therapeutic drugs encapsulated inExpand
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Laccase-Carbon nanotube nanocomposites for enhancing dyes removal
Abstract Adsorption can effectively remove recalcitrant micro-pollutants in wastewater. However, its industrial application is constrained by the adsorption saturation. This work introduces a novelExpand
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Emerging strategies in cancer therapy combining chemotherapy with immunotherapy.
Cancer immunotherapy holds great potential to battle cancer by exerting a durable immunity effect. However, this process might be limited by various constraints existing in the tumor microenvironmentExpand
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Ascorbate-conjugated nanoparticles for promoted oral delivery of therapeutic drugs via sodium-dependent vitamin C transporter 1 (SVCT1)
Abstract Oral administration is the most convenient route for most patients. However, many therapeutics in clinical applications are limited due to the poor solubility and permeability as well as lowExpand
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