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Complete genome sequence of a novel calicivirus from a goose
A novel goose calicivirus (GoCV) was sequenced. The 8013-nt-long genome was organized into two open reading frames that were in the same frame and separated by 3 nucleotides. This feature is similarExpand
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Genomic characterization of a novel picornavirus in Pekin ducks.
A novel picornavirus was detected from Pekin ducks (Anas platyrhynchos domestica) and completely sequenced. The virus was most closely related to megriviruses, with amino acid identities of 32-68%,Expand
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Genetic characterization of a novel astrovirus in Pekin ducks.
Three divergent groups of duck astroviruses (DAstVs), namely DAstV-1, DAstV-2 (formerly duck hepatitis virus type 3) and DAstV-3 (isolate CPH), and other avastroviruses are known to infect domesticExpand
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High-throughput sequencing reveals biofluid exosomal miRNAs associated with immunity in pigs
ABSTRACT Large numbers of miRNAs are found in biofluid exosomes. We isolated ~50–200 nm diameter exosomes from four types of porcine biofluid (urine, plasma, semen, and bile) using serialExpand
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