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Plasma pharmacokinetics of alfaxalone in dogs after an intravenous bolus of Alfaxan-CD RTU.
OBJECTIVE To determine the pharmacokinetic parameters of alfaxalone in dogs after the intravenous (IV) administration of clinical and supra-clinical doses of a 2-hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrinExpand
Investigation of psychophysical measure for evaluation of similar images for mammographic masses: preliminary results.
We investigated a psychophysical similarity measure for selection of images similar to those of unknown masses on mammograms, which may assist radiologists in the distinction between benign andExpand
NMDA Receptor Antagonists Disinhibit Rat Posterior Cingulate and Retrosplenial Cortices: A Potential Mechanism of Neurotoxicity
NMDA receptor antagonists produce region-specific neurodegeneration by an undetermined mechanism, but one proposed mechanism involves disinhibition. In certain areas of the brain, NMDA receptorsExpand
Berberine elicits anti‐arrhythmic effects via IK1/Kir2.1 in the rat type 2 diabetic myocardial infarction model
The purpose of this study was to explore the anti‐arrhythmic mechanisms of berberine in diabetic rats with myocardial infarction. Sixty rats were divided into four groups: (1) normal control; (2)Expand
Population pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus in paediatric systemic lupus erythematosus based on real‐world study
Different population pharmacokinetics (PPK) models of tacrolimus have been established in various populations. However, the tacrolimus PPK model in paediatric systemic lupus erythematosus (PSLE) isExpand
Daily injections of fluoxetine induce dose-dependent desensitization of hypothalamic 5-HT1A receptors: reductions in neuroendocrine responses to 8-OH-DPAT and in levels of Gz and Gi proteins.
The present studies examined the dose-response relationship of fluoxetine-induced desensitization of hypothalamic postsynaptic 5-HT1A receptors, as measured from the reduced neuroendocrine responsesExpand
Photocrosslinkable polysaccharides based on chondroitin sulfate.
Photopolymerizing hydrogels have demonstrated potential for use as a scaffold in numerous tissue-engineering applications. The majority of photopolymerizing hydrogels are made from purely syntheticExpand
Biodegradable and photocrosslinkable polyphosphoester hydrogel.
A new biodegradable, photocrosslinkable and multifunctional macromer, poly(6-aminohexyl propylene phosphate) (PPE-HA)-ACRL, was synthesized by conjugation of acrylate groups to the side chains ofExpand
Acute and chronic angiotensin hypertension: neural and nonneural components, time course, and dose dependency.
We examined the mechanisms mediating hypertension in conscious rats during acute and chronic infusion of angiotensin II (ANG II) at pressor doses (50, 100, and 200 ng.kg-1.min-1).Expand
Dietary prenatal choline supplementation alters postnatal hippocampal structure and function.
Choline, a compound present in many foods, has recently been classified as an essential nutrient for humans. Studies with animal models indicate that the availability of choline during the prenatalExpand