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Multiwalled carbon nanotubes as gigahertz oscillators.
The retraction energy of a multiwalled carbon nanotube with an extruded core causes the core to oscillate with respect to its fully retracted position where the van der Waals potential energy isExpand
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Fractal dimensions of aggregates determined from steady-state size distributions
Aggregates formed by Brownian motion, shear coagulation, and differential sedimentation have fractal geometries. In order to model coagulation of fractal aggregates, we have derived a set ofExpand
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Molecular Size Distributions of Dissolved Organic Matter
Discrete molecular size distributions of dissolved organic matter (DOM) in natural waters and wastewaters are usually determined using an array of ultrafiltration membranes in stirred cells. However,Expand
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Performance of a piezoelectric bimorph for scavenging vibration energy
We analyze the performance of a piezoelectric bimorph in the flexural mode for scavenging ambient vibration energy and evaluate the dependence of the performance upon the physical and geometricalExpand
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Excess van der Waals interaction energy of a multiwalled carbon nanotube with an extruded core and the induced core oscillation
It has been observed that the van der Waals interaction can cause an extruded core of a multiwalled carbon nanotube (MWNT) to retract into the outer shells. In a previous report [Q. Zheng and Q.Expand
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Melting thermodynamics of organic nanocrystals
The size-dependent melting temperature and the size-dependent melting entropy of organic nanocrystals are predicted by use of our simple model being free of any adjustable parameter. The modelExpand
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Size dependence of the thin-shell model for carbon nanotubes.
There has been much debate on the choice for the representative wall thickness for the thin-shell model, although this model has demonstrated remarkable success in capturing many types of behavior ofExpand
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Size-dependent surface tension and Tolman's length of droplets.
  • H. M. Lu, Q. Jiang
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and…
  • 18 January 2005
A model for the size-dependent surface tension gammalv(D) of liquid droplets, free of any adjustable parameter, is presented in terms of the size-dependent surface energy gammasv(D). It is found thatExpand
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Characterization of the squeeze film damping effect on the quality factor of a microbeam resonator
The squeeze film damping effect on a beam resonator is analyzed on the basis of the coupled elastic beam theory and the Reynolds equation for isothermal incompressible gas films. Under the conditionExpand
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CO Catalytic Oxidation on Copper-Embedded Graphene
The catalytic oxidation of CO on Cu-embedded graphene is investigated by DFT. The reaction proceeds via a two-step mechanism of CO + O2 → OOCO → CO2 + O and CO + O → CO2. The energy barriers of theExpand
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