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Calcium-dependent switching of the specificity of phosphoinositide binding to synaptotagmin.
The synaptic vesicle membrane protein synaptotagmin (tagmin) is essential for fast, calcium-dependent, neurotransmitter release and is likely to be the calcium sensor for exocytosis, because of itsExpand
Probing the phosphoinositide 4,5-bisphosphate binding site of human profilin I.
BACKGROUND Profilin is a widely and highly expressed 14 kDa protein that binds actin monomers, poly(L-proline) and polyphosphoinositol lipids. It participates in regulating actin-filament dynamicsExpand
Enzyme-Catalyzed Modifications of Polysaccharides and Poly(ethylene glycol)
Polysaccharides are used extensively in various industrial applications, such as food, adhesives, coatings, construction, paper, pharmaceuticals, and personal care. Many polysaccharide structuresExpand
[Studies on the antineoplastic action of N-methylisoindigotin].
N-methylisoindigotin (Dian Ⅲ) is an analogue of indirubin. When given orally it exhibited significant inhibition against Lewis lung cancinoma and Walker carcinosarcoma 256. However, the effect ofExpand
A facile enzymatic resolution process for the preparation of (+)-S-2-(6-methoxy-2-naphthyl)propionic acid (naproxen)
Abstract (+)- S -2-(6-Methoxy-2-naphthyl)propionic acid ( 1 ) has been prepared via enzymatic enantlospecific hydrolysis of(±)-chloroethyl-2-(6-methoxy-2-naphthyl) propionate ( 3 ), catalyzed by theExpand
Phosphoinositide binding specificity among phospholipase C isozymes as determined by photo-cross-linking to novel substrate and product analogs.
We tested for the presence of high-affinity phosphatidylinositol 4,5-bisphosphate [PI(4,5)P2] and PI(3,4,5)P3 binding sites in four phospholipase C (PLC) isozymes (delta1, beta1, beta2, and beta3),Expand
Enzymatic cyclization of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADP)
Abstract The ADP-ribosyl cyclase of Aplysia californica catalyzed the conversion of NADP, 3′-NADP and 2′,3′-cyclic NADP into their corresponding cyclic nucleotides (established by NMR, UV, and MSExpand
Bioorganic chemistry of cyclic ADP-ribose (cADPR).
The objective of this brief review is to present an overview of the bioorganic chemistry of cyclic-ADP-ribose (cADPR) with special emphasis on the methodology used for the synthesis of analogues ofExpand