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Artificial Intelligence Forecasting of Covid-19 in China
BACKGROUND An alternative to epidemiological models for transmission dynamics of Covid-19 in China, we propose the artificial intelligence (AI)-inspired methods for real-time forecasting of Covid-19Expand
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Forecasting and evaluating intervention of Covid-19 in the World
When the Covid-19 pandemic enters dangerous new phase, whether and when to take aggressive public health interventions to slow down the spread of COVID-19. To develop the artificial intelligence (AI)Expand
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Evaluating the effect of public health intervention on the global-wide spread trajectory of Covid-19
As COVID-19 evolves rapidly, the issues the governments of affected countries facing are whether and when to take public health interventions and what levels of strictness of these interventionsExpand
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Deep Feature Selection and Causal Analysis of Alzheimer’s Disease
We propose a general framework that integrates deep leaning, feature selection, causal inference, and genetic-imaging data analysis for predicting and understanding AD. Expand
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Forecasting and Evaluating Multiple Interventions for COVID-19 Worldwide
We have developed artificial intelligence-inspired methods for modeling the transmission dynamics of the epidemics and evaluating interventions to curb the spread and impact of COVID-19. Expand
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A Noel Intervention Recurrent autoencoder for real time forecasting and non-pharmaceutical intervention selection to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the world
ABSTRACT Objective: Develop the AI and casual inference-inspired methods for forecasting and evaluating the effects of public health interventions on curbing the spread of Covid-19. Methods: WeExpand
Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks for Individualized Treatment Effect Estimation and Treatment Selection
We modify conditional generative adversarial networks (MCGANs) to allow estimation of individualized effects of any types of treatments including binary, categorical and continuous treatments. Expand