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Signals for Lorentz violation in post-Newtonian gravity
The pure-gravity sector of the minimal standard-model extension is studied in the limit of Riemann spacetime. A method is developed to extract the modified Einstein field equations in the limit ofExpand
Lorentz-Violating Electrostatics and Magnetostatics
The static limit of Lorentz-violating electrodynamics in vacuum and in media is investigated. Features of the general solutions include the need for unconventional boundary conditions and the mixingExpand
Quantum tests of the Einstein Equivalence Principle with the STE–QUEST space mission
We present in detail the scientific objectives in fundamental physics of the Space-Time Explorer and QUantum Equivalence Space Test (STE-QUEST) space mission. STE-QUEST was pre-selected by theExpand
Lorentz Violation with an Antisymmetric Tensor
Field theories with spontaneous Lorentz violation involving an antisymmetric 2-tensor are studied. A general action including nonminimal gravitational couplings is constructed, and features of theExpand
Short-Range Gravity and Lorentz Violation
Comparatively few searches have been performed for violations of local Lorentz invariance in the pure-gravity sector. We show that tests of short-range gravity are sensitive to a broad class ofExpand
Testing Lorentz Symmetry with Planetary Orbital Dynamics
Planetary ephemerides are a very powerful tool to constrain deviations from the theory of General Relativity using orbital dynamics. The effective field theory framework called the Standard-ModelExpand
Tests of Lorentz Symmetry in the Gravitational Sector
Lorentz symmetry is one of the pillars of both General Relativity and the Standard Model of particle physics. Motivated by ideas about quantum gravity, unification theories and violations of CPTExpand
Lorentz-symmetry test at Planck-scale suppression with nucleons in a spin-polarized $^{133}$Cs cold atom clock
We introduce an improved model that links the frequency shift of the Cs133 hyperfine Zeeman transitions |F=3,mF⟩↔|F=4,mF⟩ to the Lorentz-violating Standard Model extension (SME) coefficients of theExpand
Combined Search for Lorentz Violation in Short-Range Gravity.
First independent measurements of the 14 nonrelativistic coefficients for Lorentz violation in the pure-gravity sector at the level of 10-9-9 m2 are made, improving by an order of magnitude the sensitivity to numerous types of LorentZ violation involving quadratic curvature derivatives and curvature couplings. Expand
Time delay and Doppler tests of the Lorentz symmetry of gravity
Modifications to the classic time-delay effect and Doppler shift in general relativity (GR) are studied in the context of the Lorentz-violating standard-model extension (SME). We derive the leadingExpand