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The names tetrad, tetrads, cotetrads have been used with many different meanings in the physics literature, not all of them equivalent from the mathematical point of view. In this paper, we introduceExpand
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The squares of the dirac and spin-dirac operators on a riemann-cartan space(time)
In this paper we introduce the Dirac and spin-Dirac operators associated to a connection on Riemann-Cartan space(time) and standard Dirac and spin-Dirac operators associated with a Levi-CivitaExpand
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Conservation Laws on Riemann-Cartan, Lorentzian and Teleparallel Spacetimes
In this paper using a Clifford bundle formalism we examine (a): the strong conditions for existence of conservation laws involving only the energy-momentum and angular momentum of the matter fieldsExpand
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The Clifford bundle and the nature of the gravitational field
In this paper we formulate Einstein's gravitational theory with the Clifford bundle formalism. The formalism suggests interpreting the gravitational field in the sense of Faraday, i.e., with theExpand
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The Hyperbolic Clifford Algebra of Multivecfors
In this paper we give a thoughtful exposition of the Clifford algebra Cl(HV ) of multivecfors which is naturally associated with a hyperbolic space HV , whose elements are called vecfors. Geomet^
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Spinor Fields and Superfields as Equivalence Classes of Exterior Algebra Fields
In this paper we show that spinor fields with the right transformation properties and also supernelds can be represented as equivalence classes of exterior algebra fields. We construct explicitlyExpand
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The mathematical structure of Newtonian spacetime: Classical dynamics and gravitation
We give a precise and modern mathematical characterization of the Newtonian spacetime structure (ℕ). Our formulation clarifies the concepts of absolute space, Newton's relative spaces, and absoluteExpand
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Operador de Dirac, espaços de Riemann- Cartan-Weyl e a natureza do campo gravitacional
Neste trabalho apresentamos a teoria da gravitacao de Einstein como uma teoria de campos no sentido de Faraday, isto e, como uma teoria onde o campo gravitacional, como os demais campos fisicos,Expand
Teorias de espaço-tempo e leis de conservação
O objetivo deste trabalho e o estudo das leis de conservacao nas teorias de espaco-tempo classicas, que essencialmente constituem-se da fisica de Galileu e Newton e da fisica de Lorentz e Einstein.Expand