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An expression vector containing a T7 promoter and an OmpA signal sequence followed by the DNA sequence of mature chloroperoxidase from the fungus Caldariomyces fumago has been transformed into Escherichia coli. This construct gave high-level expression of apochloroperoxidase when induced with isopropyl thiogalactopyranoside. The nonglycosylated apoenzyme(More)
The current system associated with the boundary of plasma bubbles in the Earth’s magnetotail has been studied by employing Cluster multipoint observations. We have investigated the currents in both the dipolarization front (DF, leading edge of the plasma bubble) and the trailing edge of the plasma bubble. The distribution of currents at the edge indicates(More)
We report the continuous monitoring of a polar cap patch, encompassing its creation, and a subsequent evolution that differs from the classic behavior. The patch was formed from the stormenhanced density plume, by segmentation associated with a subauroral polarization stream generated by a substorm. Its initial antisunwardmotion was halted due to a rapidly(More)
We report simultaneous global monitoring of a patch of ionization and in situ observation of ion upflow at the center of the polar cap region during a geomagnetic storm. Our observations indicate strong fluxes of upwelling O ions originating from frictional heating produced by rapid antisunward flow of the plasma patch. The statistical results from the(More)
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