Q. Y. Dai

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Events are crammed with numerous basic elements in today's management and manufacturing system. Especially, for a large-scale system, there are thousands of independent messages (events) happening every second. How to integrate the information and how to deal with such massive events are faced by most of the system. Event monitoring and processing has been(More)
DSP as the core of the system with Ethernet interface hardware circuit and software design method is introduced. Introduce the working principle of the network controller RTL8019AS and the DSP hardware circuit design in detail. Achieve a simplified TCP/IP protocol stack software programming for the reception and transmission of packets in DSP. The system(More)
Picture reranking is helpful for adjusting the presentation of content base picture seeks. In any case, reachable reranking estimations are compelled for two essential drivers: 1) the printed meta-data related with pictures is every now and again opposite with their real picture substance and 2) the uprooted visual highlights don't decisively(More)
As the increasing use of RFID technology in manufacturing companies, the real-time production data collection is inadequate. Companies especially small and medium-sized manufacturing entities, contemplate to implement advanced planning and scheduling (APS) so as to achieve real-time production. This paper, motivated by a real-life case, proposes a real-time(More)
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