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The advantages of integrating semiconductor devices at more than one level (‘3D integration’) are now recognized. Key to achieving monolithic 3DICs is the ability to form single crystal semiconductor islands at the upper level without unduly heating the lower level structures. In prior work a surface relief grating of 3.8 lm pitch in the substrate was used(More)
With the increased brilliance of state-of-the-art synchrotron radiation sources and the advent of free-electron lasers (FELs) enabling revolutionary science with EUV to X-ray photons comes an urgent need for suitable photon imaging detectors. Requirements include high frame rates, very large dynamic range, single-photon sensitivity with low probability of(More)
Replacing planar circuits with vertically integrated ones allows to increment circuit functionalities on a given silicon area, while avoiding some of the problems associated with aggressively scaled technology nodes. This is particularly true for applications likely to subject circuits to high doses of ionizing radiation (such of x-ray detectors to be used(More)
Surface relief formed by nanoimprinting and etching into a thermally grown SiO2 layer on Si was used to position the initial nuclei formed by chemically vapor deposited Si and Ge. By controlling the deposition conditions, the surface diffusion length was adjusted to be comparable to or larger than the spacing between features, thus favoring nucleation(More)
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