Q. Tu

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Single channel currents through cardiac sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) Ca2+ release channels were measured in very low levels of current carrier (e.g., 1 mM Ba2+). The hypothesis that surface charge contributes to these anomalously large single channel currents was tested by changing ionic strength and surface charge density. Channel identity and sidedness was(More)
Radiotherapy is an important weapon in the treatment of breast cancer, but normal tissue injury after radiotherapy can be a threat for patients. Genetic markers conferring the ability to identify hyper-sensitive patients at risk of normal tissue injury in advance would considerably improve therapy. Association studies on genetic variation and occurrence of(More)
We have designed a porous nanofluidic desalination device, a rotating carbon nanotube membrane filter (RCNT-MF), for the reverse osmosis desalination that can turn salt water into fresh water. The concept as well as design strategy of RCNT-MF is modeled, and demonstrated by using molecular dynamics simulation. It has been shown that the RCNT-MF device may(More)
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