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In this paper, the direct differentiation method ͑DDM͒ for finite-element ͑FE͒ response sensitivity analysis is extended to linear and nonlinear FE models with multi-point constraints ͑MPCs͒. The analytical developments are provided for three different constraint handling methods, namely: ͑1͒ the transformation equation method; ͑2͒ the Lagrange multiplier(More)
We report the discovery of two new Wolf-Rayet (WR) galaxies: Mrk 1039, and F08208+2816. Two broad WR bumps at 5808Å and 4650Å indicate the presence of WCE and WNL star population in all two sources. We also confirm the presence of WR features in Mrk 35, previously detected in a different position. The observed equivalent width of the WR bump at 4650Å and(More)
In this study we present a novel, robust method to couple finite element (FE) models of cardiac mechanics to systems models of the circulation (CIRC), independent of cardiac phase. For each time step through a cardiac cycle, left and right ventricular pressures were calculated using ventricular compliances from the FE and CIRC models. These pressures served(More)
  • Fei Hao, Quan Gu
  • 2011
In order to achieve the economic distribution of the power unit and to ensure the area voltage quality and meet the separation of generation and the economic dispatch, according to the design and equipment configuration of the direct transfer mode of the dispatching system. On the supervisory level, a new power plant control architecture based on plantwide(More)
SUMMARY This paper presents recent developments in response sensitivity, probabilistic response and reliability analyses of structural and geotechnical systems. These developments are integrated within general-purpose software frameworks for non-linear finite element response analysis and provide the structural engineers with analytical tools to propagate(More)
The finite-element (FE) method is widely recognized as a powerful tool in modeling structural and geotechnical systems and simulating their response to static and dynamic loads. In addition, numerical optimization is commonly used in many engineering applications , such as structural reliability analysis, FE model updating, structural identification, and(More)
As the power grid size gradually expanded, forecasting on the power grid operation mode has become the treatment of complicated and changeable effective means of security and stability issues. In this article, on the basis of the dispatching integration system, several kinds of forecasting data, including system load forecasting results, bus load(More)
Brushless DC motor has large torque ripple for the design and characteristic of the control strategies. The torque ripple can be divided into commutation torque ripple and non-commutation torque ripple. This paper analyses why the non-commutation torque ripple produced in detail, points out the brushless DC motor can cause the diode freewheeling of inactive(More)
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