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BACKGROUND Descriptive epidemiological studies have shown that childhood drowning rates are higher in developing countries, with an increasing trend in rural areas. AIM To examine risk factors associated with childhood drowning in rural China. METHODS Participants included parents of all children aged 1-14 years who died of drowning between 2002 and(More)
We consider the problem of on-line scheduling a set of n jobs on two parallel batch processing machines. Each machine can handle an infinite number of jobs as a batch simultaneously. The processing time of a batch is the time required for processing the longest job in the batch. Each job becomes available at its release date, which is not known in advance,(More)
We consider the problem of scheduling family jobs with release dates on a bounded batching machine. Our objective is to minimize the maximum completion time of the jobs (i.e., the makespan). We deal with two variants of the problem. One is the identical job size model, in which the machine can process up to b jobs simultaneously as a batch. The other is the(More)
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