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The synaptic vesicle membrane protein synaptotagmin (tagmin) is essential for fast, calcium-dependent, neurotransmitter release and is likely to be the calcium sensor for exocytosis, because of its many calcium-dependent properties. Polyphosphoinositides are needed for exocytosis, but it has not been known why. We now provide a possible connection between(More)
Using the method of separate variables, the three-dimensional magnet field solution expressed in Fourier's expansion for permanent magnet (PM) machines with finite axial magnet length is presented in this paper. From the analytic results obtained, much useful and interesting design information for PM machines in three dimensions may be quantitatively(More)
An analytically extended PM model with fictitious PM arrays is presented in the paper for solving the field problem of PM electric machines in three dimensions. To consider the effect of finite core length, each PM array is assumed to face a fictitious core array together with the actual armature core. By using the analytic approach and the PM model(More)
In the context of nonlinear finite element (FE) method, this paper presents a computational framework for 'exact' response sensitivity analysis of soil-structural interaction (SSI) systems based on the direct differentiation method (DDM). The DDM requires analytically differentiating the FE algorithm for the response computation with respect to material,(More)
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