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A yellow leaf colouration mutant (named ycm) generated from rice T-DNA insertion lines was identified with less grana lamellae and low thylakoid membrane protein contents. At weak irradiance [50 µmol(photon) m−2 s−1], chlorophyll (Chl) contents of ycm were ≈20 % of those of WT and Chl a/b ratios were 3-fold that of wild type (WT). The leaf of ycm showed(More)
OBJECTIVE Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a major pathogenic factor of liver diseases. During HCV infection, interaction of the envelope protein E2 of the virion, with target cells, is a crucial process for viral penetration into the cell and its propagation. We speculate that such interaction may trigger early signalling events required for HCV infection. (More)
Little is known about assembly of non-primate foamy virus (FV) such as bovine foamy virus (BFV). To help determine the requirements for assembly of BFV, we constructed BFV-Gag expression plasmids containing all or part of the gag gene, with or without modification by addition of myristate (Myr). Each construct was transfected alone, and with pFenv, into(More)
Bacillus pumilus 289 can be transformed easily by plasmid pUB110 through protoplast transformation with the frequency of 10(-5)--10(-3), similar to B. subtilis AS 1.1176, a derivative strain of B. subtilis 168. The regeneration frequency of its protoplast is only slightly lower than B. subtilis AS1.1176 (0.3-12.0% compare to 1.53--24.16%). Plasmid pUB110(More)
Fatty acid desaturases exist in all living organisms and play important roles in many different biologic processes, such as fatty acid metabolism, lipid biosynthetic processes, and pheromone biosynthetic processes. Using the available silkworm genome sequence, we identified 14 candidate fatty acid desaturase genes. Eleven genes contain 3 conserved histidine(More)
The mutant plasmid pAmy413C, in which G takes the place of A at the 271 position of alpha-amylase gene on the pAmy413 from B. licheniformis, was constructed by site-direct mutagenesis. At the N-terminus of the mature alpha-amylase, amino acid +2Asn was substituted by +3Asp in the wild type protein. Then, the alpha-amylase output of the mutant plasmid(More)
We have constructed the E. coli-Bt shuttle vector pHV-1 by cloning the replicon (approximately 1.6 kb) of Bt ken-Ag and the aphI gene of pUC4K into pUC19. The rate of plasmid maintenance is more than 80% after 100 generations in E. coli, whereas 80% after 40 generations in Bti 4Q8. We have also constructed pHV-cry1C through cloning the alpha-amylase(More)
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