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Aqueous-phase halogen reactions play an important role in tropospheric ozone depletion that is observed during Arctic sunrise where bromine chloride is a key intermediate. The temperature dependencies of BrCl(aq) equilibration with BrCl2-, HOBr(aq), Br2(aq), Cl2(aq), HOCl(aq), Br-, and other species (Br3-, Br2Cl-, Cl3-, OBr-, and OCI-) are determined as a(More)
Reactions of ozone with Br(-), SO(3)(2-), HSO(3)(-), I(-), and NO(2)(-), studied by stopped-flow and pulsed-accelerated-flow techniques, are first order in the concentration of O(3)(aq) and first order in the concentration of each anion. The rate constants increase by a factor of 5 x 10(6) as the nucleophilicities of the anions increase from Br(-) to(More)
Eight novel three-coordinate boron compounds with the general formula BAr(2)L, in which Ar is mesityl and L is a 7-azaindolyl- or a 2,2'-dipyridylamino-functionalized aryl or thienyl ligand, have been synthesized by Suzuki coupling, Ullmann condensation methods, or simple substitution reactions (L = p-(2,2'-dipyridylamino)phenyl, 1;(More)
Four new luminescent organoboron complexes have been synthesized and fully characterized. These compounds are four-coordinate boron chelated by either 8-hydroxyquinolato (q) or functionalized 8-hydroxylquinolato ligands, including BPh2(5-(1-naphthyl)-q) (1), BPh2(5-(2-benzothienyl)-q) (2), B(2-benzothienyl)2q (3), and B(2-benzothienyl)2(2-Me-q) (4). All(More)
To investigate the different phosphorescent promoting effects of organic emitters by various metal centers, a new ligand, 4,4'-diphenyl-6,6'-dimethyl-2,2'-bipyrimidine (pmbp), and its Zn(II), Hg(II), and Pt(II) complexes, [Zn(pmbp)(2)](ClO(4))(2)(1), Pt(pmbp)Ph(2)(2), Zn(pmbp)Cl(2)(3), and Hg(pmbp)Cl(2)(4) were synthesized. Their structures were determined(More)
Five new 2-(2'-pyridyl)benzimidazole derivative ligands, 1,4-bis[2-(2'-pyridyl)benzimidazolyl]benzene (1,4-bmb), 4,4'-bis[2-(2'-pyridyl)benzimidazolyl]biphenyl (bmbp), 1-bromo-4-[2-(2'-pyridyl)benzimidazolyl]benzene (Brmb), 1,3-bis[2-(2'-pyridyl)benzimidazolyl]benzene (1,3-bmb), and 1,3,5-tris[2-(2'-pyridyl)benzimidazolyl]benzene (tmb), have been(More)
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