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Although brassinosteroid (BR) has been suggested to play a role in strawberry fruit ripening, the defined function of this hormone remains unclear in the fruit. Here, BR content and BR receptor gene FaBRI1 expression were analysed during ‘Akihime’ strawberry fruit development. We found that BR levels increased during the later developmental stages, and the(More)
of cytopathic small round viruses with BS-C-1 cells from patients with gastroen-teritis. and characterization of a new species of kobuvirus associated with cattle.lence and genetic diversity of Aichi virus strains in stool samples from community and hospitalized patients. et al. Acute infantile gastroenteritis associated with human enteric viruses in(More)
Protein-coding genes of trypanosomes are mainly transcribed polycistronically and cleaved into functional mRNAs in a process that requires trans splicing of a capped 39-nucleotide RNA derived from a short transcript, the spliced-leader (SL) RNA. SL RNA genes are individually transcribed from the only identified trypanosome RNA polymerase II promoter. We(More)
Mitochondrial disorders with multiple mitochondrial respiratory chain (MRC) enzyme deficiency and depletion of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) are autosomal recessive conditions due to mutations in several nuclear genes necessary for proper mtDNA maintenance. In this report, we describe two Italian siblings presenting with encephalomyopathy and mtDNA depletion in(More)
A distinct type of mental preparation (activity in medial frontal and temporal areas) had been found to facilitate insight problem solving independent of specific problems [25]. In order to explore whether neural activity during a preparatory interval (mental preparation) is associated with which insight problems would be solved or not, we developed a task(More)
BACKGROUND Molecular genetic studies of floral development have concentrated on several core eudicots and grasses (monocots), which have canalized floral forms. Basal eudicots possess a wider range of floral morphologies than the core eudicots and grasses and can serve as an evolutionary link between core eudicots and monocots, and provide a reference for(More)
OBJECTIVES To review trials on the efficacy and safety of auricular acupuncture (AA) treatment for insomnia and to identify the most commonly used auricular acupoints for treating insomnia in the studies via a frequency analysis. DATA SOURCES The international electronic databases searched included: (1) AMED; (2) the Cochrane library; (3) CINAHL; (4)(More)
disease in an immunocompromised patient. However, most cases of M. fortuitum pneumonia were reported before the use of molecular technology for species identifi cation. Newer species such as M. mageritense resemble M. fortuitum and would not have been differentiated without this method. Our patient met the criteria for diagnosing nontuberculous(More)