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BACKGROUND Little is known about the rates of cardiovascular disease (CVD), atherosclerosis, and their risk factors among Canada's Aboriginal people. To establish the relative prevalence of risk factors, atherosclerosis, and CVD, we undertook a population-based study among people of Aboriginal and European ancestry in Canada. METHODS We randomly recruited(More)
Patients managed in European or North American cancer centres have a variety of ethnic backgrounds and primary languages. To gain insight into the impact of ethnic origin, we have investigated understanding of disease status and quality of life (QoL) for 202 patients. Patients completed questionnaires in their first language (52 English, 50 Chinese, 50(More)
BACKGROUND Central obesity, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidaemia and chronic hypertension--features of the metabolic syndrome--have been individually associated with venous thromboembolism (VTE). However, whether each of these factors additively increases the risk of VTE is uncertain. AIM To determine whether features of the metabolic syndrome independently(More)
OBJECTIVE Cognitive dysfunction is a potential side effect of chemotherapy, and erythropoietin might be protective. A previously reported study compared quality-of-life in women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer who were randomized to receive epoetin-alpha or standard care. Here, we report a non-randomized sub-study in which cognitive function of(More)
BACKGROUND Women with breast cancer frequently undergo menopause following adjuvant chemotherapy. Here, we investigated whether they have more severe symptoms than women undergoing natural menopause. PATIENTS AND METHODS Forty-one women who had undergone menopause as a result of chemotherapy and 57 healthy women who had undergone recent natural menopause(More)
This phase I study was conducted to determine the recommended phase II doses, safety profile, and antitumour activity of a combination regimen of cisplatin, irinotecan, and epirubicin administered every 3 weeks in patients with advanced solid tumours. Cisplatin and epirubicin were given at fixed doses of 50 and 60 mg m(-2), respectively. The irinotecan dose(More)
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