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Leaf traits and physiology are species-specific and various with canopy position and leaf age. Leaf photosynthesis, morphology and chemistry in the upper and lower canopy positions of Pinus koraiensis Sieb. et Zucc and Quercus mongolica Fisch. ex Turoz in broadleaved Korean pine forest were determined in September 2009. Canopy position did not significantly(More)
Context. The quiet Sun is an important part of understanding the global magnetic properties of the Sun. A recently launched observation system, named HINODE, provides a lot of high-resolution images for studying the quiet Sun. Obviously, it is time-consuming to analyze these images by hand. It is desirable to develop a technique for recognizing magnetic(More)
New-onset diabetes after liver transplantation (NODALT) is a frequent complication with an unfavorable outcome. We previously demonstrated a crucial link between donor graft genetics and the risk of NODALT. We selected 15 matched pairs of NODALT and non-NODALT liver recipients using propensity score matching analysis. The donor liver tissues were tested for(More)
In order to improved the speed, accuracy and generalization of oil shale recognition model with log dada, considering parameters of traditional SVM were chosen by experience, a LIBSVM recognition model with optimized parameters was proposed based genetic algorithm. First of all, all the samples data were processed to double type as LIBSVM tool needing, and(More)
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