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Increasing evidence has shown that some neurotransmitters act as growth-regulatory signals during brain development. Here we report a role for the classical neurotransmitter acetylcholine (ACh) to stimulate proliferation of neural stem cells and stem cell-derived progenitor cells during neural cell lineage progression in vitro. Neuroepithelial cells in the(More)
The therapeutic potential of cisplatin in ovarian cancer treatment is restricted by the occurrence of cellular resistance. We aimed to explore the role of SRPK1 in cisplatin resistance related to the long non-coding RNA UCA1 in ovarian cancer cell.Totally, 24 ovarian cancer tissues and 16 normal tissues were used to assess the expression of UCA1 RNA. UCA1(More)
Furamidine (DB75) and related unfused aromatic diamidines have proven useful for the treatment of parasitic infections. These compounds were primarily developed to combat infections by Pneumocystis carinii and African trypanosomes but they are also active against other parasites. Here we have investigated the in vitro effects of DB75 and its(More)
The tyrosine-based activation motif is a 20- to 25-amino-acid sequence contained in the cytoplasmic domains of many hematopoietic receptors which is sufficient by itself to reconstitute signalling. This motif is characterized by two YXXL/I sequences separated by approximately 10 residues. The molecular basis of signalling by this motif is unknown. Here we(More)
The V3 loop of the ENV glycoprotein exerts a dominant influence on the interaction of gp120 with coreceptors. Primary env genes cloned from sequential isolates from two seroconverters revealed Pro-->Ala conversion in the conserved GPG motif of the V3 crown in seven of 17 R5 ENV. ENV containing the GPG motif in the V3 crown had fusogenic activity with(More)
Compact callus cluster (CCC) cultures established from Catharanthus roseus consist of cohesive callus aggregates displaying certain levels of cellular or tissue differentiation. CCC cultures synthesize about two-fold more indole alkaloids than normal dispersed-cell cultures. Our studies here show that additions of KCl, mannitol, and a variety of synthetic(More)
Just Accepted " Just Accepted " manuscripts have been peer-reviewed and accepted for publication. They are posted online prior to technical editing, formatting for publication and author proofing. The American Chemical Society provides " Just Accepted " as a free service to the research community to expedite the dissemination of scientific material as soon(More)
The control of phosphorylation by protein tyrosine kinases represents an important regulatory mechanism in T cell growth, function, and differentiation. We have identified a 62-kDa murine protein tyrosine kinase predominantly expressed within the T cell lineage, which we have termed Rlk (for Resting lymphocyte kinase). rlk mRNA was found to be expressed in(More)
To make more effective use of underutilized resources, acid-solubilized collagen (ASC) and pepsin-solubilized collagen (PSC) were isolated from the skin of deep-sea redfish (Sebastes mentella) and characterized for their potential in commercial applications. The yield of ASC (47.5%) was lower compared to PSC (92.2%), but the purity of ASC was significantly(More)
  • Q Hu, Y L Shi
  • 1997
By using the whole-cell patch-clamp technique, an inwardly rectifying potassium current, which resembled the "classic" inward-rectifying potassium current (IKIR) of other cells in terms of electrophysiological and pharmacological properties, was identified in db-cAMP-differentiated NG108-15 cells. First, the current was dependent on voltage and time. It(More)