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Morphine reexposure induces the decrease of receptor for activated C-kinase 1 protein (RACK1) levels in frontal cortex, and the increase of p-ERK (extracellular signal-regulated kinase) levels in mouse frontal cortex, striatum, hippocampus and nucleus accumbens (NAcc). Moreover, RACK1 is associated with the core kinases of the ERK pathway, Raf, MEK, and(More)
Objective. To observe the effect of noise and music on EEG power spectrum. Method. 12 healthy male pilots aged 30 +/- 0.58 years served as the subjects. Dynamic EEG from 16 regions was recorded during quiet, under noise or when listening to music using Oxford MR95 Holter recorder. Changes of EEG power spectrum of delta, theta, alpha1, alpha2, beta1 and(More)
With the techniques of specific radioimmunoassay and gel filtration it was found that CGRP was distributed in various tissues of normotensive (WKY) and spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHR) with the highest concentration in the lumbar spinal cord (1197 +/- 94.8 pg/mg tissue) and the lowest in the auricle (15.0 +/- 2.1 pg/mg tissue). In comparison with WKY,(More)
Growing evidence has suggested that hydrogen sulfide (H₂S) acts as a novel neuro-modulator and neuroprotective agent; however, it remains to be investigated whether H2S has a direct effect on neural stem cells (NSCs). We report here that NSCs expressed cystathionine β synthase (CBS) and addition of exogenous H2S donor, L-cysteine, stimulated proliferation(More)
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