Q. Feng

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This work investigated the spatial profile and source analysis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in soil that surrounds coal-fired power plants in Xuzhou, China. High-throughput sequencing was employed to investigate the composition and structure of soil bacterial communities. The total concentration of 15 PAHs in the surface soils ranged from(More)
The naturally occurring primordial radionuclides in coals might exhibit high radioactivity, and can be exported to the surrounding environment during coal combustion. In this study, nine coal samples were collected from eastern Yunnan coal deposits, China, aiming at characterizing the overall radioactivity of some typical nuclides (i. Th have high(More)
Microbial diversity and biogeochemical processes of the Gangxi bed with low-mineral water and a temperature gradient from 35 to 54°C were studied. The 16S rRNA gene clone libraries (over 800 clones) were obtained from microbial DNA isolated from formation water and from the primary enrichment cultures for fermenting, sulfate-reducing, methanogenic, and(More)
The large-scale coal mining has caused serious environmental pollution and ecological damage in the coal mining areas in China. The serious conditions are listed as below: the geological disasters such as landslide, dilapidation, mud-rock flow and so on aroused by mining subsidence; the side effects such as land occupying, side sloping, filtrating and(More)
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