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In this paper we propose a preliminary framework for accounting for certain surface F 0 variations in speech. The framework consists of definitions for pitch targets and rules of their implementation. Pitch targets are defined as the smallest operable units associated with linguistically functional pitch units, and they are comparable to segmental phones.(More)
BACKGROUND Functional neuroimaging has been used in neurolinguistic research on normal subjects and on patients with brain damage. This study was designed to investigate the differences of the neural basis underlying language processing between normal subjects and aphasics. METHODS Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) was used to map the language(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of central dopaminergic stimulation with apomorphine on speech in PD. BACKGROUND Most patients with PD have a speech disorder. Of those, 89% have involvement of laryngeal function, and 45% have additional articulatory dysfunction. The effect of dopaminergic medications on these two dimensions of speech impairment in PD(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine the age, sex, and hemispheric differences in volume of the striatum by MRI in healthy adults. METHODS The volumes of the bilateral caudate nucleus and putamen were measured on MR images in 100 healthy right-handed adults (18-70 y). RESULTS The volume of bilateral caudate nucleus and putamen in healthy adults was (8.42 +/-0.88) cm(3)(More)
The relationship between apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) and chemotherapy has been established. However, whether ADC could be considered as a measure for monitoring response to sorafenib in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has not been demonstrated. This study was to investigate the ADC changes of advanced HCC under sorafenib treatment. Methods: Athymic(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the differences between homosexual and heterosexual men in the pattern of induced aversive emotion regulation. METHODS Ten healthy homosexual men and 10 heterosexual men were investigated by functional magnetic resonance imaging under three types of visual sexual stimuli designed by Block. SPM2 software was used for data analysis. (More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the asymmetry of fibers in the posterior limb of the internal capsule with diffusion tensor imaging. METHODS Twenty-nine volunteers (right-handers: 20, left-handers: 9) were enrolled in this study. All the data were obtained using a 1.5 tesla scanner (Signa EXCITE II. GE Medical Systems). The parameters including apparent(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the gender-related difference in the iron contents of the human brain. METHODS The brain iron levels were evaluated in vivo in 78 healthy adult volunteers using a noninvasive magnetic resonance method termed susceptibility weighted phase imaging. The subjects consisted of 40 males and 38 females, with the mean age of 41.5+/-11.9(More)
In Parkinsonian patients, abnormal vocal qualities are frequently observed. Previous research has suggested that laryngeal muscle rigidity may be responsible for the vocal symptoms. While rigidity is one of the most responsive symptoms to dopaminergic therapy, studies investigating speech changes following dopaminergic therapy are very limited. In this(More)
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