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Atmospheric aerosol particles serving as cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) are key elements of the hydrological cycle and climate. We have measured and characterized CCN at water vapor supersaturations in the range of S=0.10–0.82% in pristine tropical rainforest air during the AMAZE-08 campaign in central Amazonia. The effective hygroscopicity parameters(More)
Aggregated alpha-synuclein proteins form brain lesions that are hallmarks of neurodegenerative synucleinopathies, and oxidative stress has been implicated in the pathogenesis of some of these disorders. Using antibodies to specific nitrated tyrosine residues in alpha-synuclein, we demonstrate extensive and widespread accumulations of nitrated(More)
Ventricular fibrillation causes more than 300,000 sudden deaths each year in the USA alone. In approximately 5-12% of these cases, there are no demonstrable cardiac or non-cardiac causes to account for the episode, which is therefore classified as idiopathic ventricular fibrillation (IVF). A distinct group of IVF patients has been found to present with a(More)
UNLABELLED Airborne disease transmission has always been a topic of wide interests in various fields for decades. Cough is found to be one of the prime sources of airborne diseases as it has high velocity and large quantity of droplets. To understand and characterize the flow dynamics of a cough can help to control the airborne disease transmission. This(More)
The production of secondary organic aerosol (SOA) by the dark ozonolysis of gas-phase β-caryophyllene was studied. The experiments were conducted in a continuous-flow environmental chamber for organic particle mass concentrations of 0.5 to 30 µg m −3 and with ozone in excess, thereby allowing the study of second-generation particle-phase products under(More)
Immunohistochemistry and single-cell RT-PCR were used to characterize the localization of huntingtin and/or its mRNA in the major types of striatal neurons and in corticostriatal projection neurons in rats. Single-label immunohistochemical studies revealed that striatum contains scattered large neurons rich in huntingtin and more numerous medium-sized(More)
The role of cerebral depolarizations in focal cerebral ischemia is unknown. We therefore measured the direct current (DC) electrical activity in the cortex of Wistar rats subjected to transient occlusion of the middle cerebral artery (MCA). Focal ischemia was induced for 90 min by insertion of an intraluminal filament to occlude the MCA. To modulate cell(More)
Isoprene is the most abundant non-methane bio-genic volatile organic compound (BVOC), but the processes governing secondary organic aerosol (SOA) formation from isoprene oxidation are only beginning to become understood and selective quantification of the atmospheric particulate burden remains difficult. Organic aerosol above a tropical rainforest located(More)
UNLABELLED Multizone network models employ several assumptions, such as uniform temperature and pressure and quiescent air inside a zone, which may lead to inaccurate results in flow calculations. These assumptions can be eliminated in the zones, where the assumptions are inappropriate, by coupling a multizone network program with a computational fluid(More)