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A retrospective cohort study was carried out in 1982-1983 among 28,460 benzene-exposed workers (15,643 males, 12,817 females) from 233 factories and 28,257 control workers (16,621 males, 12,366 females) from 83 factories in 12 large cities in China. All-cause mortality was significantly higher among the exposed (265.46/100,000 person-years) than among the(More)
A fundamental problem in control systems theory is that stability is not always guaranteed for a closed-loop system even if the plant is open-loop stable. With the only knowledge of the input-to-state (practical) stability (ISpS) of the plant, in this note, a bounded integral controller (BIC) is proposed which generates a bounded control output(More)
  • Q.-C. Zhong
  • 2008
Systems with delays frequently appear in engineering. Typical examples of time-delay systems are communication networks, chemical processes, tele-operation systems and so on. The presence of delays makes system analysis and control design much more complicated. In this survey paper, some of the recent results obtained by the author on robust control of(More)
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