Qëndrim R. Gashi

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We study in detail the so-called looping case of Mozes’s game of numbers, which concerns the (finite) orbits in the reflection representation of affine Weyl groups situated on the boundary of the Tits cone. We give a simple proof that all configurations in the orbit are obtainable from each other by playing the numbers game, and give a strategy for going(More)
Toric varieties associated with root systems appeared very naturally in the theory of group compactifications. Here they are considered in a very different context. We prove the vanishing of higher cohomology groups for certain line bundles on toric varieties associated to GLn and G2. This can be considered of general interest and it improves the previously(More)
We prove that special ample line bundles on toric varieties arising from root systems are projectively normal. Here the maximal cones of the fans correspond to the Weyl chambers, and special means that the bundle is torus-equivariant such that the character of the line bundle that corresponds to a maximal Weyl chamber is dominant with respect to that(More)
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