Pyoung Won Kim

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Keywords: Massive multiplayer online role-playing game Language Education Addiction Event-related potential P300 a b s t r a c t Addiction to Massive Multiple Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs) among juveniles has become a serious problem in Korea and has led to legislation prohibiting juveniles from playing games after midnight. One key factor in gaming(More)
Narrative scene editing is carried out by directors as an eidetic technique. Continuity editing is a style of editing used in film making to make films as realistic as possible for the audience. While non-continuity editing (e.g., flashbacks, jump cuts, montages, etc.) is also a critical factor that reflects the character of a director, most scenes demand(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient deinterlacing method for HDTV that preserves image structures, edges, and details. In the human visual system, the eyes are more sensitive to high-frequency information such as edge details than low-frequency information such as image background. Therefore, averaging low-pass filter results is not effective for image(More)
The present study was to set out in efforts to determine the effect of electrocardiographic (ECG) feedback on the performance in speech anxiety. Forty-six high school students participated in a speech performance educational program. They were randomly divided into two groups, an experimental group with ECG feedback (N = 21) and a control group (N = 25).(More)
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