Pyeong-Shik Ji

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Diagnosis techniques based on the dissolved gas analysis (DGA) have been developed to detect incipient faults in power transformer. There are various methods based on DGA such as IEC, Roger, Dornenburg, and etc. However, these methods have been applied on the different problems with different standards. Also, it is difficult to achieve the diagnosis with(More)
In this study, we are concerned with fault diagnosis of power transformer. The objective is to explore the use of some advanced techniques such as SVM and FCM and quantify their effectiveness when dealing with dissolved gases extracted from power transformers. The proposed fault diagnosis system consists of data acquisition, fault/normal diagnosis,(More)
Power transformers are an important factor for power transmission and cause fatal losses if faults occur. Various diagnostic methods have been applied to predict the failure and to identify the cause of the failure. Typical diagnostic methods include the IEC diagnostic method, the Duval diagnostic method, the Rogers diagnostic method, and the Doernenburg(More)
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