Puyan Abedinpour

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The in vivo effect of 48-h glucocorticoid and thyroid hormone 3,3', 5-triiodine-L-thyronine (T(3)) pretreatment on alveolar epithelial fluid transport was studied in adult rats. An isosmolar 5% albumin solution was instilled, and alveolar fluid clearance was studied for 1 h. Compared with controls, dexamethasone pretreatment increased alveolar fluid(More)
Alveolar liquid clearance was examined in ventilated, anesthetized guinea pigs. An isosmolar 5% albumin solution was instilled into the lungs. Alveolar liquid clearance was studied over 1 h and was measured from the increase in alveolar protein concentration as water was reabsorbed. Basal alveolar liquid clearance was 38% of instilled volume. The high basal(More)
The bioavailability of the poorly soluble model drug halofantrine, dosed in a soy bean oil solution or in a self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS), at two levels of lipid, was assessed in rats. Three rat models were used: intact rats, sham-operated rats and bile duct cannulated rats. The study showed no difference in the pharmacokinetic(More)
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