Puvan Arumugam

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Forecasting accuracy is one of the most favorable critical issues in Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) models. The study compares the application of two forecasting methods on the amount of Taiwan export, the Fuzzy time series method and ARIMA method. Model discussed for the ARIMA method and Fuzzy time series method include the Sturges rules.(More)
This paper investigates the influence of eddy current losses in multi-stranded bundle conductors employed in outrunner permanent magnet machines, by adopting an analytical model. The analytical model is based on a sub-domain field model that solves the two-dimensional magnetostatic problem using the separation of variables technique for each of the(More)
India is basically an agricultural country and the success or failure of the harvest and water scarcity in any year is always considered with the greatest concern. The average annual or seasonal rainfall at a place does not give sufficient information regarding its capacity to support crop production. Rainfall distribution pattern is the most important. The(More)
Time series analysis is a powerful tool to determine dynamic models aiming at defining and controlling most appropriate variables of a system. Transfer function model is one of the popular techniques in the time series modelling for forecasting. When there is an output series which is inclined by an input series, the objective of the transfer function(More)
This paper presents a comparative design study on Permanent Magnet (PM) rotor topologies for high speed aircraft starter-generators. The application requirements associated with the aircraft starter and generator operation is highlighted. Different rotor design concepts are investigated whilst keeping both the stator and the rotor diameter consistent. In(More)
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